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How to repair a leaky expanding hose.

2013-06-16 17 14 46,697 YouTube

UPDATE: This hose developed a leak in the middle so I threw it out, I did keep the plastic ends and inner tubing for spare slingshot band repair. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY A PROPER HOSE!!!! Here is how you can repair a leaky flex hose, X-hose, pocket hose or any expanding type hose. Note: The method seen in the video will only work if one or both the ends are leaking. if the leak is in the middle of the hose then you can use a 1/2 inch coupler and two hose clamps to rejoin the ends. Also If anyone has tried the new X-Hose pro by DAP please do a video on it and post it to this video. What I did here was unscrew the black plastic piece from the hose (use a pair of channel locks and something to hold the inside part still then remove the aluminum clamp off of the end by CAREFULY dremeling it out but don't dremel the plastic piece that the hose connects to, If you hit the hose inside you've gone too far. Trim off the end of the hose that was leaking. Now reconnect it to the plastic part and put some duct tape over the end (about 4-5 turns). Secure with a hose clamp so the hose clamp is over the duct tape and not under.. The duct tape will act like a strain relief and stop the hose from being cut. Thanks for watching.